equipment list

The gear listed below travels with me to each session
and it enables me to maintain a high level of consistency
in my work, from one studio to the next.



hard disk recording/mixing system:
- Apple G4 Dual 1Gig MDD computer
------ 1GB RAM
------ 240GB ATA/RAID 0 internal disk array
- LogicPro7 recording/mixing software
------ LOADS of plug-in's - including:
------ Universal Audio's UAD-1 Studio Pak, including Fairchild 670 tube compressor
------ Urs Heckmann's Zebra, Zebra2, Zebralette, Podolski, Filterscape & MFM2
------ TriToneDigital plug ins - ALL of 'em - these are the greatest
------ ElementalAudio's Firium (phase linear EQ), Neodynium (compressor/limiter), & Finis
------ PSP VintageWarmer & MixPak
------ Waves RenMaxx Bundle
- LogicControl Hardware Control Surface
- MOTU 1296 24bit 96KHz audio interface for Analog and AES Digital I/O
- MOTU 2408 mkII 24bit audio interface for Digital I/O between RADAR, Tascam and ADAT
- MOTU Midi TimePiece AV MIDI/SMPTE interface
- DigiDesign ProTools 6.9.2
- DSP Quattro v2.0 Audio editing & VI Host Application
- TC Electronic Finalizer 96K digital processor
- Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 (24bit, 96KHz) 2 chanel hard disk recorder and cd-r burner
- Granite Digital Removable Firewire drives for quick backup
- VXA-1 33GB tape drive backup for archiving

pre amps:
- 1 very sweet vintage Telefunken V-76 tube circuit mic pre (model V-76/80), reconditioned and packaged by Stan Jaycox at Studio Maintenance Center, in the Bay Area.
- 2 channels of Buzz Audio MA-2 fully Class A discrete transformerless preamps, hand made in New Zealand

monitor system(s):
- 2 mid-'70's vintage McIntosh 2100 stereo power amp (105 watts output per side)
- 2 pair Cambridge Soundworks Model Six monitors
- 1 pair Acoustic Research AR-18b monitors
- 2 NEC SW-300e powered sub woofer

dynamics processors:
- 1 Urei 1178 2 channel limiter
- 1 Anthony DeMaria ADL 1000 tube circuit compressor
- 1 Solid State Logic FX-G384 certifiably authentic (NOT an Alan Smart "cop") stereo compressor
- 1 TC Electronic Finalizer Plus 96K digital processor
- 1 Sontec MEP-250 2 channel equaliser
- 1 Drawmer DS-201 2 channel gate
- 1 DBX 120-X-DS low frequency synthisiser ("boom box")

miscellaneous gear and efx:
- 1 Chris Gaines model Guitar built by the Fender Custom Shop - #17 of 21
- 1 Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 (24bit, 96KHz) 2 chanel hard disk recorder and cd-r burner
- 1 TC Electronic Intonator pitch correction unit
- 1 1966 Fender Vibro Champ amp, for the best vibey vibrato effects
- 2 995 transistor distortion unit: This is the highly regarded "distortion unit of choice" for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, among others. They have been unavailable for purchase since the mid-'80's.
- 1 Roland SRV-330 digital effects unit
- 1 Roland SDE-330 digital effects unit
- 1 Yamaha SPX-90
- 1 Yamaha Rev-7

- 2 Sanken CU-41 dual capsule condenser mics: These microphones image incredibly well when used in a classic ORTF stereo array.
- 4 Sennheiser MD-409 large diaphragm dynamics
- 2 Beyer M201 dynamics
- 3 Shure 330 ribbons
- 1 AKG D112 dynamic

If you have been helped by the information and/or services which I provide, and feel compelled by an overwhelming urge to send some form of thankful compensation, I DO accept totally free-will donations. Just click here.

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